The Perfect Blend for Local Marketing

A customized mix of mobile, social media, and search solutions to help businesses find and keep customers
of customers research online before making a purchase.
Translation: if potential customers can’t find your business online,
you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your market.


Mobile devices are now the #1 way people access local info.

Now that about half of Americans have smart phones in their pockets, people do more and more local searches on the go. When people are out running errands and they need to find a product or service in your industry, they do a search on their phone and head straight to the business. We use the freshest mobile methods to get customers in your door.


Last year, there were over 1.5 billion local searches on Google, and that number is growing more than 50% every year.

With the all-powerful internet, everyone has a simple way to find what they need—fast. Even when a customer is exposed to your business through a form of traditional advertising—billboard, print ad, radio spot, etc.—97% of customers research online before making a purchase.


People spend more time on social networks than any other type of site.

Social media is awesome but there’s something even better: social media blended into a real marketing strategy. Chattanooga Marketing Group can help bring your business into the social space and join the conversation. We blend up a cocktail that takes advantage of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and much more.


See how your website turns visitors into customers.

Chattanooga Marketing Group refreshes you with a personal campaign manager who knows the ins and outs of your business. We have real people tracking your campaign, not just a computer measuring numbers. And you can always see that you’re getting your money’s worth on your personal online dashboard.


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