Get custom, quality, content on every major social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with regular monthly posts from OrangeSoda’s Social Media Marketing services.
Account monitoring lets you know when your company is getting social shares and mentions. And a dedicated social media expert will be on the phone to discuss strategies to give your brand maximum visibility.

Running the numbers

  • Facebook users: 1.1 billion
  • Links shared every 20 minutes: 1 million
  • Average time spent on Facebook visit: 20 minutes
  • Twitter users: 554,750,000
  • Tweets a day: 500 million
  • Fastest growing social network: Pinterest
  • Social network with most monthly visits: Google+

Features you’ll love

  • Brand presence on up to 4 social media platforms keeps your customers engaged
  • Up to 8 monthly posts will keep your brand fresh
  • Get a monthly report and account monitoring to stay in the know
  • With Facebook Ads, you’ll get geographic and demographic targeting for higher converting traffic
  • We’ll create a custom Facebook page to put your brand on the largest social network